Sunday, 5 April 2015

Announcing a new business venture...
Like all the best ideas this one is very simple.

It’s luxury bubble bath. But not just luxury bubble bath. We are going to use luxury bubble bath to raise money for good causes, lots of money.

Our business is a ‘not for profit’ called –

‘Take a bath with’
As in ‘Take a bath with David Beckham’ or ‘Take a bath with Cheryl’.

We would also market a range of luxury shower gels under the name of-

‘Take a shower with’
As in ‘take a shower with One Direction’ or ‘Take a shower with Scarlett Johansson’.

Of course being a pre start-up we don’t have any of the people mentioned above signed up…well not yet anyway.

The power of celebrity is a modern phenomenon, and one we intend to leaver for the greater good by giving the thousands or even millions of passionate celebrity fans a unique opportunity to connect with their idols.

Our celebrities would personalise their products by choose the key ingredients and colour of the bath or shower product that will bear their name, from a range of ethically sourced and environmentally sound ingredients. In return a ring fenced amount from the sale price of each item would go to the charity or charities of their choice. Most celebrities already publically support a wide range of charities and some have very personal reasons to support particular charities that are close to their hearts and that could benefit substantially. Celebrities win, fans win and best of all charities win.

This concept would not be limited to the UK, after a successful launch here we would look to repeat the model in other countries, either by setting up subsidiaries or partnering with local suppliers. This idea works anywhere that has celebrities, fans and running water!   

This products publicity would absolutely write itself. The media would fall over themselves to talk about or publish a photo of a celebrity in a bubble bath! And you can just see Johnathon Ross putting a bottle of ‘Take a bath with Cheryl’ on his desk when interviewing her.

Our products would be available as a single item or packaged with other items such as candles into presentation boxes and so perfectly fit the birthday or Xmas present market.

I know I am looking forward to getting my bottle of ‘Take a bath with Kylie’ for my birthday...

 We are entering this project into Richard Branson's 'Pitch To Rich' competition so please visit -
and vote for 'Take a bath with' before 5th May 2015

No one knows better than Sir Richard the power of celebrity and I am sure he would fully appreciate the benefits that ‘Virgin Group’ could derive by association with ‘Take a bath with’ as a key Sponsor.  

PLEASE vote for ‘Take a bath with’ in the Pitch to rich challenge and help get this project off the ground.

 Thanks for reading