Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Missing, please help…


A missing persons appeal has been put out by the NFL for the LA Rams offensive team. They were expected to put in an appearance on Sunday at the Super Bowl* event held in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta but failed to show up. This incident follows on from the mysterious season long disappearance of the Ram’s fan base. The disappearance of the offensive team was not noticed at first, even by The Ram’s 12 year old head coach Sean McVay. “I think like most people watching the game I must have lost interest and had a little nap” McVay told his Mom, adding “It was only later - when Jared Goff was talking down to me and he said there was just no one to pass to - that I realized the offensive team had not shown up at all.”
Roger Goodell lying yesterday

 NFL spokesliar Roger Goodell said, “initially we thought all the offensive players had turned up wearing ‘cloaks of invisibility’ like the one worn by Nickell Robey-Coleman in the Saints game.       then we remembered that invisibility cloaks were made up and didn’t actually exist.”  He went on to say he hoped the missing offense could be found soon as the LA Rams fans (both of them)

were looking forward to watching them in the quiet of The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in the new season.

*The ‘Super bowl’ is a money printing machine owned by the NFL and is neither ‘Super’ or a ‘bowl’.


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