Thursday, 11 June 2009

All quiet on the Westminster front...

I now fear for the Jury Team Project. It was always a brave but possibly futile gesture. It would appear that we did not achieve sufficient critical mass to convince the founders, and funders, of Jury Team that we could seamlessly move on credibly to the General Election. No official announcement has been made yet but a web site, facebook, myspace and twitter all looking abandoned and unloved and candidates and supporters left to flounder mean you can actually feel the energy ebbing away.

I am now split between trying to organize, with others, a national meeting of interested parties to determine if the project can be kept alive and pushed forward (complete with new name?) or to move on with a sad look over my shoulder at what might have been. To be honest, i only joined to stand on a Kilroy out ticket in the Euro’s (and then the bugger didn’t stand). I never intended to stay on and fight the General election anyway.

I still however remain a big fan of the futile gesture.

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