Friday, 26 June 2009

The man is dead...

Waco Jako larger than life even in death.

The news that Michael Jackson has died aged fifty was both shocking and surprising, especially to a fellow fifty year old. The news didn't just affect myself and my wife but my 19 year old daughter and her friends as well. Which other artist would span the generations like that? We all grew up with the music of Jako.
As always in such circumstances my heart goes out to his family. It is bad enough losing a loved one but doing it in such a white hot media frenzy...i can only imagine.

Now to what next -

I am waiting for the –

Was it suicide? What if Jako knew he could not manage the 50 odd concerts or was afraid he would disappoint his fans if he went ahead - why not go out whilst ‘back at the top’, having sold out his massive comeback concerts. Then he would leave people thinking he was going to make the biggest comeback ever!

Or, his backers knew the concerts would be a disaster/not be completed so they had him killed to cash in on the massive insurance taken out on him to cover the hugely expensive O2 concerts.

Or, his death was engineered to coincide with his securing his ‘Neverland’ property again. So it can now become the new ‘Graceland’ cash cow for his estate.

Or, is he dead at all? “Jako sighted at Tokyo airport”, "Jako is living on private island in Bahrain”. “Jako is living in disguise as a gardener at his Neverland memorial themepark”.

Or even – “I swear there is a guy who looks like Jako working down our chipshop”

All i can say is ‘The man is dead’.

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