Monday, 8 June 2009

When fear triumphs...

What a sad day. The Jury Teams failure to make any sort of breakthrough pales into complete insignificance when compared to the national tragedy of Britain sending two BNP/NF MEP’s to represent us in Europe. How ironic that the celebration of the part the UK played in liberating Europe from one Fascist threat should coincide with us supplying our own new fascists infiltration into Europe.
Far right extremists are something you expect from other nations not from ours. I actually feel ashamed this morning.
My two hopes now are that - as Nick Griffin has a high profile platform, his true colours will show through and that when they do the Great British public will recoil from him, his party and his ideals.

June 4th wasn’t ‘Independent’s Day’ it turned out to be ‘The longest saddest day’.
If you listen carefully you can hear the weeping of the thousands of fallen British and commonwealth soldiers who sacrificed so much in stopping the fascist threat before, only for us to hand them power and position so freely now

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