Friday, 12 June 2009

It's Alive i tell you, alive!

Just when i thought JT might be about to flatline it raises one finger to show signs of coming back to life - or was it just giving me the finger...

OK, so let’s talk primaries. Just some thoughts and suggestions.
The candidate should live in or have some strong connection to the Region/constituency they wish to stand in. Or the candidate should have some special reason for being considered in a region/constituency. Such as - a desire to stand against a corrupt, incompetent or otherwise undesirable opponent, where no better local candidate can be found (as per Martin Bell’s example).
We should have a period where we all work to increase on the ground membership. Then only the members within a given region/constituency can vote on who of those putting themselves forward should represent the Jury Team in that area.

Finally, I would suggest we consider changing the name. Any name that has to be explained is not a good name. In order not to lose any recognition factor we have gained i would suggest we drop the ‘Team’ and change to ‘The Jury Party’. This small change at least makes us sound like a political entity. This would also do away with the problem of are we a party or not. We can position ourselves as the fresh face of politics – a party of true independents standing against the tired old closed party system of vested interests.

Thoughts please?

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