Friday, 5 June 2009

David ‘Shaggy’ Cameron “It wasn’t me”...

Thank God we have such a squeaky clean reformer as David ‘Shaggy’ Cameron to lead us out of this mess and into a nice blue tinted future. Cameron can finally sort out all those corrupt Conservative MP’s unlike the chap who was in charge of the Party whilst all the corrupt claims were being made. What was his name? Cameron won’t suppress any investigations into allegations like the leader of the Tory party did. What was his name? Cameron won’t personally work to stop the publication of the John Lewis list like the Leader of the Conservative Party did last year. What was his name...Oh yes, David Cameron.

It’s like trusting Fagin to discipline the artful dodger and his mates.

Put simply, Cameron as leader, knew what his MP’s were doing and was therefore complicit or he didn’t and was therefore incompetent. Either way he is unworthy.

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